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Amy has contributed to or created a number of radio sessions, including live musical performances and collaborations, as well as special episodes, discussions, or performances about ecology, geography, or public imaginations of nature. Some of these are online, including Into the Forest: Late Junction live collaboration session (Amy Cutler, Lee Patterson, and the string trio Barrel), aired on BBC3 on 21st June 2018 and produced by Chris Elcombe for Reduced Listening, Oak: Natural Histories, aired on BBC4 on 26th Oct 2015, and Atomic Bark! Zombie Apocalypse Zeitgeist, aired on Resonance FM on 21st April 2011. She was on Resonance FM again, “causing a ruckus about pedagogical voices of nature”, on the live improvised music series The Ambrosia Rasputin Show (12-1.30pm, 29th July 2018), alongside Ivor Kallin and Sylvia Hallett; the 1.5 hour show is available online here on Mixcloud. Other live show recordings include the full set Live at the Cube (Bristol) with Delphine Dora (19th Oct 2018) and the demo The Bamboo Trap w/ Delphine Dora, Café Oto (17th Oct 2018), from 2018 the tour Oh What Monsters (top left).