Amy gives talks, workshops, and performances at galleries, venues, and universities.

In 2018 she is running an event series related to the idea of lexicons/glossaries and environmental futures, beginning with Key Words: Coming To Terms With The GeoHumanities (public seminar, 20th Feb) and followed by Weasel Words: Natures, Definitions, and How to Love Your Monsters (public symposium and performances/screenings); for further information, or to identify a difficult word or term which you would like to present for discussion or in a performance format, please email Survival; resilience; decoy; alien; ...which term would you deconstruct anew, and how? Resources for this event series include the mini-essays of Bataille's Critical Dictionary, Raymond Williams' Keywords, the Living Lexicon for the Environmental Humanities, the Lexicon for an Anthropocene Yet Unseen, and Impossible Words, each of which take a critical and discursive approach to the shifting terms of environmental futures.